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Money Talks: Corvallis Economic Development Funding

November 1, 2009 40 Comments

We can safely assume we agree that we should be investing in economic development through the city. The big question is where do we invest and how much? Bill Ford expressed his perspective in a previous post, “The problem seems to be the allocation and struggle over who says who gets what! One person’s feast ...

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Coming Together for Positive Change in Corvallis

October 27, 2009 10 Comments

One of the reasons that compelled us to create this forum was our desire for more engagements of  a higher quality between the community and city leaders. In a comment on a previous post, Corvallis City Counselor Mark O’Brien (Ward 1 Rules!) shared what I hopefully believe is a similar feeling. “Something I’ve noted during my Council ...

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2009 State of the City Address by Mayor Charlie Tomlinson

October 23, 2009 38 Comments

The City of Corvallis did a great job of producing and making the Mayor’s State of the City address available by video. Many important topics are covered by Mayor Charlie Tomlinson. The video is shared here to allow and promote community discussion around these important topics. The video is 21:16 minutes long. Watch the 2009 State of ...

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Is Our Chamber of Commerce Obsolete?

October 12, 2009 82 Comments

Frankly, it’s worth asking this of any old-school civic group. If a group is no longer doing what they set out to do, why keep paying into it? Show me the value, and I’ll continue showing you the money. The first Chamber of commerce was organized in 1768 in New York city. Every chapter across ...

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Can Help?

October 5, 2009 28 Comments

In a post I candidly titled Why Do I Give a $h!t About WIN? I share my feelings of fear, helplessness, and frustration which motivate my support of the Willamette Innovator’s Network. Those same feelings drive my involvement and define my objectives with Do you share any of these sentiments? The economy sucks. I need each ...

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Please Share Your Feedback on

July 8, 2009 20 Comments

If you care about Corvallis, we want to hear your questions, comments, and suggestions. Honestly, we’re not just saying that. is and likely will always be a work in progress. We are finding our voices, feeling our way around, and learning about our city. We are sure to make mistakes along the way. We ...

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Major Consequences for Corvallis & Benton County. Economic Development Funding at Risk.

Has John Sechrest’s work touched your business or you professionally in any way?  Does he create value for the...

Google’s (Hi-Speed Internet) Fiber Optic Trial in Corvallis

Google is looking to partner with a community to install and operate an experimental ultra high speed internet service....

Jim Collins on Corvallis

Most would agree that Corvallis remains an incredible place to live. Most would also agree that it took a...